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Defining Pop Art

Pop art which comes from the word popular art is a genre of art that utilizes visual symbols and styles that come from popular mass media such as magazines, advertisements, comics, television, and newspapers. Pop art was first popularized by Andy Warhol. He is an American who repeats photos of Hollywood artist’s faces using complementary colors and the result is the artist’s faces appear with attractive colors and they look different from the original photos. Works like these are usually popularized on social posters to commercial posters. To better understand the history and ongoing influence of the pop art movement we highly recommend you visit here.

Basically Pop art is opposition to modern culture that tends to be static and long-term design. It’s very strange if a design that is used for short-term projects must have an aesthetic value that is valid forever. According to those who oppose modern culture, aesthetic is consumptive which must depart from the modern culture and based on a style that is easily known and enjoyed in general. For example, a car design must display decorative elements that are very sturdy so as to create a strong impression for people who see it.

At the time of the emergence of many differences among people’s opinions, people thought that this work is a work that has no aesthetic value that only has a work of creation for mere pleasure. Besides that, many people also think that this work is a work created for expression and proves that there is no discrimination in art. Some even believe that with pop artwork the community is invited to be more objective in seeing a work. It’s because at that time many people thought that there was a dominance of abstract exporters from European and American artists.

Well that about wraps it up! Despite only being a brief overview of the fascinating world of pop art, we hope this article has been a useful introduction to the lasting impact of this type of art.


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