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Mandatory Accessories In Cars A Wide Selection Of Car Accessories

Luxury cars or some new cars are now equipped with many sophisticated modern features. But if your car is not equipped with these advanced features, there is no need to worry. Just as owning a luxury car is everyone’s dream, some of them also rent. If you also want to try renting a luxury car, try luxury car hire london.

Because today many car accessories that are sold in general have functions and features as cool as the standard features of luxury cars. Here are car accessories that are guaranteed to make your car feel more luxurious and not inferior to the standard features of a new car.

– USB Car Charger

You certainly do not want the cellphone to die because it runs out of battery in the middle of the trip. If your car does not provide a USB port, or you need more than one USB port, then the USB Car Charger Kit has several USB holes at the same time which is a must-have accessory in every car at this time.

The price is relatively not too expensive, depending on the brand and quality. USB car chargers are sold in many mobile shops or online.

– Car Smartphone Holder
Smartphone or smartphone has now become a device that must be owned by every individual. To function properly without having to disturb the driver’s concentration, various types of smartphone holders for cars are now available. There are attached to the glass, dashboard, AC grille, steering wheel, or plugged into the lighter socket.

– Bluetooth Car Kit
With these accessories, you can answer phone calls, or play music from your smartphone through the vehicle audio system. Many types of Bluetooth car kits, some are also equipped with FM transmitter, and a USB port to charge your cell phone battery.

– Mini Car GPS Tracker
GPS Tracker will be connected to a smartphone or laptop so you can monitor the location of your vehicle at any time. This tool is not only useful if you rent or lend your vehicle to others, but this tool can also be used for parents who want to monitor the position of their children when travelling by vehicle.

– Car Air Purifier / Ionizer
The smell of a car that does not make the journey uncomfortable. Usually, many car owners install cabin air freshener to eliminate unpleasant odour. But actually, the unpleasant odour is produced by bacteria, germs, and even chemical particles which are dangerous when inhaled in large quantities by humans.

And air freshener cannot eliminate all of it. That is now widely sold Car Air Purifier which makes the car cabin air more worth breathing. Car Air Purifier usually uses a small fan that will circulate the air inside the interior through his small filter.

There is also an Air Purifier which also functions as an ionizer to capture negative oxygen. Some are also equipped with cabin temperature indicator display temperature, humidity, to air quality.

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