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You Must Know This Before Buying A Blanket As A Gift For A Newborn Baby

When you choose a baby blanket, you can choose a blanket with a textile certificate that has been clinically tested when viewed from a safety factor. Certificates with global standards for textile materials that have been tested for sensitive skin, such as the OEKO-TEX standard 100 class I. Textiles that have received this certificate must have gone through a safe checking process, free from hazardous substances or other chemicals. Additionally, if you want to send gifts for your friend who just got a baby, we recommend you use newborn baby gifts delivered in Sydney.

In addition to the certificates, you can confirm whether the blanket complies with the standards and has a CE code. CE certification itself has health and safety standards originating from the European Union. Products with this one code have been tested not to endanger the environment and are following international standards.

Currently, there are many adorable and funny blanket designs sold in the market, such as blankets with cute characters and blankets with hats. Make sure if you always choose simple designs and motifs, as long as you can cover your little one’s body and make him feel comfortable in it.

When there’s a price, then there’s quality. This sentence has often been ringing in the ears of consumers when they want to choose something. Usually, quality blankets are priced more expensive.

Best Material Recommendations for Your Little One’s Blankets

1. Cotton

Cotton material usually has a more affordable price when compared to other prices. This one material is easy to absorb sweat and soft.

2. Natural Fiber

Blankets that are labelled eco-friendly, of course, use natural fibres. This one ingredient is very safe and safe for a baby’s skin because it doesn’t cause any allergies. Even able to protect your little one from bacteria.

3. Cotton Fiber

This one is more affordable than the other materials. The material is very soft when in direct contact with your little one’s skin and is durable. Even this one material is easy to clean when dirty. Well, some of these tips can help you choose the best cute baby blanket.


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