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You Might Need To Know These Types Of Scaffoldings

Scaffolding must be installed, modified, and dismantled by skilled workers under the direct supervision of a competent person. Inspectors must ensure that the scaffolding used by workers is completely safe. A competent person means knowing the work related to the use of scaffolding, the potential hazards present and planning to control hazards based on education, training, and experience or a combination of the three. Apart from that, if you simply need to hire professionals to provide you excellent scaffoldings, you can call the Scaffold tower hire company harris fence panels for sale near me.

Here are some types of scaffolding that you need to know:

Hanging chair scaffolding (boatswain’s chair) is a scaffolding in the form of a seat hanging by a cable or rope. It may only be used as scaffolding in exceptional cases where work cannot be carried out safely using other tools.

Then, there’s also the Ladder jack. This scaffolding is a scaffold whose apparatus uses a jack to raise and lower it and is attached to the ladder. Not intended for work on high surfaces.

Then, you might also have heard about Window Jack Scaffolding. It is a scaffold whose platform is mounted on a support beam that is placed protruding from the open window. It should only be used for light work for a short period and only for through open windows where such scaffolding is located.

Furthermore, a trestle scaffolding is a scaffold that is supported by horses. Should only be used when working on low surfaces and for short periods.

Aside from that, there is also Outrigger cantilever or jib scaffolding, and it may only be used for carpenters, painters, electricians, and other similar builders and it is prohibited to use scaffolding platforms to place several materials.

Furthermore, have you heard about steel scaffolding? Steel scaffolding is a scaffold that uses steel as a supporting pillar for its equipment or components. This type of scaffolding is very easy to erect and dismantle. Steel scaffolding has greater strength and durability as well as higher fire resistance.

Finally, are you familiar with Wooden / Bamboo Scaffolding? A wooden scaffold is a scaffold that uses wood or bamboo as a support pole for the equipment. These scaffolds are difficult to reuse, not strong, and break easily.


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