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Why Sushi Knives Are So Expensive Compared To Ordinary Knives?

Sushi is a dish that is often served in a restaurant that is owned by a skilled and experienced chef. This makes the dish itself often to be considered fancy and expensive by most people. Attention to details cannot be overlooked when a chef wants to serve the best sushi for their customers. This makes not just the ingredients, but the equipment for cooking the sushi itself becomes more expensive compared to ordinary cooking utensils. For some examples, sushi knives are generally having bigger price tags compared to normal restaurant knives. It makes sense due to customers, especially in Japan, expect only high-quality sushi pieces that can even exceed their expectations when they visit a sushi restaurant.

The texture and the cutting line of each piece should look beautiful when a true gourmet customer observes the quality of sushi pieces that are served in front of such a customer. Of course, when this happens, the entire business of the chef is at stake, and that’s why they will always try their best to bring the ultimate sushi that they can cook for each customer. Certainly, this kind of service can only be found in restaurants that are owned by skilled sushi masters, and they only use the best and the most expensive sushi knives to satisfy their high-class customers.

Aside from that dish itself, sushi restaurant often cooks their food in front of their customers. When your cooking skill is displayed as a show in front of high-class customers, you must be able to entertain them with the finest display. This can only be achieved with years of training while utilizing the best cooking utensils that are specifically designed for cooking sushi. That’s why when a chef cooking sushi dishes with excellent utensils, such a very expensive knife, they can perform beautifully in front of their customers who sometimes write reviews about restaurants that they visit.


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