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Which Course is Right for Me?

This question often fills the head of the final year high school students. Relax, you are not alone. There are hundreds or even thousands of other high school students who still haven’t found what they want to study in university.Well, this time the tuition agency will help you choose a college major that suits your potential. The following is a math-related subject that suits you, “If I like numbers and calculations …” The mathematics you will learn in college is of course an advanced level of mathematics. You can major in Mathematics (pure) or Mathematics Education if you want to become a teacher. After graduating from the Mathematics department, you can become a Statistician, Mathematician, Financial Analyst, to a teacher or lecturer. The Department of Physics is a broad field of science and is widely applied in various industrial fields. This background of physics is identical to formulas and calculations so that it is much needed, especially by mining companies, as well as oil and gas. Besides that, you can also pursue a career as a teacher and researcher in the field of physics.

“If I am interested in the health sector …” The health sector certainly requires experts to recognize things in the human body using various scanners. Therefore, radiology majors are needed, especially to detect an abnormality or disease. During college, you will spend a lot of time in the laboratory. The department of nutrition science is a part of health science that studies the effect of food on a person’s health condition. You will study a lot of biology and chemistry if you study this field. After graduating you can have a career as a Nutritionist, Nutrition Consultant, and other related positions.

“If I am interested in art and creativity …” Abroad, this department is called Fashion Design where you will focus on how to produce fashion products. Not only design and making patterns, but you will also learn how to choose textile materials, the production process, product development to marketing.


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