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Vital Skills in Engineering Communication

Working as an engineering is getting a lot of challenges, all kinds of problems must be solved well and the skills that are owned are not enough just one. There are many other skills you should have especially those concerned with commitments like you have, to be honest, have high respect, confidence and able to complete the tasks assigned, in addition in terms of work, you can be formed as a team, especially in prioritizing goals and Action, then open communication with others and fellow engineering because communication is important, this becomes one of the factors of success of your work if you put in the team. For that job for engineering, the technician is not kidding in recruitment, because you will be required to have a commitment especially regarding the appearance of your work, encourage yourself to get out of the safe zone and appreciate your work.There are several tasks from Google as engineering that you can know, especially with regard to your career as an engineering.

1. Mechanical skills, including maintenance and repair among others; 1) mechanical system (the components that synchronously perform two types of mechanical movement, ie translation, and rotation), 2) hydraulic system, 3) pneumatic system, 4) burner/ignition system.

2. Installation, Personnel who perform this function, generally have the ability in 1) install and set up the machine. Some suppliers provide complete installation services at purchase cost. But much better, if the interaction between maintenance personnel and the machine has been around since the initial installation. Because by installing one by one, will provide a more detailed technical description of the machine operating system. Will be very helpful in the analysis and problem-solving. This function has complete skill in mechanical, electrical and instrumentation. Not only install new machines but two installations of windpipes, water pipes, steam pipes included in Main Pipe, also included in the scope of work. More and more production divisions, if each division requires pressed air supply, water supply, steam, etc. Then this installation function that ensures the distribution path is ready. It is impossible if each division manages this pipeline independently.


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