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This Is How To Make A Simple Sticker

Buy sticker paper first. Office supply stores usually sell paper that has this adhesive on one side. This paper is usually coated with a paper backing that can be peeled off when the sticker is to be pasted. Or, you can buy sticky sticker sheets. This sheet can attach the image to the glue, then the sticker is peeled off so that the glue will move to the back of the sticker. This sheet is suitable for stickers that use an existing image or have been cut from a magazine. Purchase paper that meets the printer’s specifications.

Here are the design steps you need to know:

– Design your sticker using a computer, or use a marker or pen to draw directly on the sticker paper.
– Create designs on your computer using Adobe Photoshop, Paint, or other drawing programs. You can also use photos you have or find on the internet. When you’re done designing, print the design on this sticker paper.
– If a physical photo or image you want to create a sticker on is available, scan it to a computer or upload a digital photo.
– Edit the photo from software you can use, then print it on sticker paper.
-Draw your design directly on sticker paper using pen, pencil, or paint. Make sure the paper is not too wet because the adhesive glue can be damaged.

Cutting Process

– Use scissors to cut out the printed or drawn designs. Cut out in a square shape or follow the shape of the design. Leave a margin of at least 0.3 cm to prevent cutting errors.
– If you are using a sticky sticker sheet, simply pull the protective film off so that the glue part is visible.
– Place the back of the sticker onto the glue. Press to make sure the sticker adheres to the glue. Then peel off the sticker.
– Glue is now on the back of the sticker.
– Stick the sticker on any surface. you should immediately use the sticker because there is no protective cover on the back.
– You can leave some white edges around the image, or you can crop it to fit. Skilled sticker makers sometimes skip the edges and cut with an Exacto knife.
– After that remove the back of the sticker to stick it on an object.


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