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This Is How To Clean Artificial Grass Regularly

Comparing it with natural grass, artificial grass or artificial grass has many advantages. First, it doesn’t require any fertilizer or any other special care to maintain its lush appearance. Second, artificial grass stays healthy all season long and doesn’t need to be mowed. Even so, fake grass still needs regular maintenance. However, maintenance is simple, and cleaning up certain spills is also easy.

The following is a guide on how to clean synthetic grass that you can do regularly:

1. Use an air sprayer

A leaf blower can help you clean your lawn quickly. You can quickly clean up fallen leaves, flowers, and other debris. Determine a point or corner of your area and blow all the trash at it. After you collect all the trash, you can pick it up and throw it away. You only need to spray the grass once to remove any larger debris.

2. Using a water spray hose

While an air blower is effective for larger debris, it may not clean the lawn of dust or spills. Using a water spray hose, you can rinse all of the artificial grass. Make sure to do it with light pressure. Too much water pressure can damage the grass. Start at one end of the grass area, then move across and move the hose in a circular motion.

3. Using a broom and a garden fork

Regular brushing will make the blades point upward, making your lawn look more natural. You can use a brush, as long as the bristles are soft. However, it would be better to use a broom or a garden fork. This will reach the entire area easier and faster. Start in one corner of your area, and move it horizontally as you brush. Once you reach the other end, take a few steps back, and cross again. You should always brush in the same direction, opposite the natural direction of the artificial grass.


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