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These Points Are Also Important To Be Considered In Buying Gaming Laptops

Storage in most laptops shaped HDD or SSD. What is the difference? SSD is faster than HDD in loading games and booting Windows. SSDs use volatile memory instead of metal plates that are usually used by the HDD so that the sound emitted is not noisy. HDD or SSD? both have significant price differences. It is recommended to use both. SSD for games and Windows and HDD to store your other data. Additionally, storage is also important for gaming YouTubers who upload gaming videos often, so perhaps you must consider buying one of the best laptops for video editing under 500.

If you have enough funds or can add SSD or HDD after buying a laptop, make sure your laptop has a slot to add SSD or HDD, yes. There is one more type of storage: SSHD, which is a combination of SSD and HDD. The way it works is that programs that are often used will be stored in the SSD, while those that are rarely used will be stored on the HDD. The price is also cheaper than SSD.

Today, many games have 8GB RAM specifications. Luckily, most gaming laptops have 8GB of RAM plus one slot for additional RAM. So, you can add RAM later if needed.

Talking about price will depend on several things: CPU, brand, graphic card, RAM, storage, and others. Fortunately, gaming laptop manufacturers have a large selection of gaming laptops.

For budget gaming laptops, their prices can still be quite expensive. Tips for you: choose a laptop with a CPU and GPU from AMD because the performance provided is not much different from Intel and Nvidia at a cheaper price.

On a laptop, which can usually be increased only in RAM and storage. Other hardware is not recommended unless you know what you are doing. For RAM, one slot is usually provided for installation, while storage is sometimes provided for an upgrade.

If you don’t have it, you can replace your laptop’s default storage with your own storage. Tips for you: always upgrade your laptop at an official service center so that the warranty does not disappear.


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