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These Factors Affect Teamwork In A Company

In a company, it is not uncommon to get into a fight because they want a promotion and of course a salary increase. Not infrequently disputes arise and distrust arises. This kind of work atmosphere is very unhealthy and the destruction of the team will certainly occur. If you are a leader in the company, use your authority wisely. It is better if the Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) is balanced between sections or divisions so that there is no inequality or imbalance in the division of tasks and responsibilities. If there’s an imbalance of work responsibilities in your company, you might want to visit http://www.assessmentsforsuccess.com right away.

Then, communication cannot be taken lightly. Communication that is not successful will make a relationship tenuous. Perform intensive communication with each team member by holding meetings or at least meetings to coordinate daily tasks, brief task briefings, and also daily or weekly performance evaluations. Every report and aspiration needs to be accommodated properly and solve every problem by doing a case study together. Involve all team members in problem-solving. Everyone must have their problems, not only problems in the office or the family. Having a good relationship and asking each other how they are will go a long way in building teamwork. Colleagues who can be friends who can confide in can support the running of collaboration in a team. Thus, mutual trust arises. If you’re a boss, hone your interpersonal communication skills and increase your empathy.

Furthermore, the relationship between members needs to be fostered with togetherness activities, whether it is held inside the office or during the day outside of office activities. Holding a meal together at one of the team members’ homes could be an option. Have you ever taken a vacation with your team members? This idea will help you in building more solid teamwork. Have a BBQ party to celebrate the birthday of one of your team members, or invite them to small events with your family, such as cooking together at home.


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