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These Are Causes Of Depression According To Experts

Depression is a very complex mental disorder. Depression affects the mood, so that sufferers are surrounded by a feeling of sadness that is very deep, and lose interest in doing various activities. It should be underlined, depression is not an ordinary feeling of sadness, and can potentially lead to suicide. Actually, the exact cause of depression is not yet known. Even so, experts suspect there are genetic factors and chemical imbalances in the body, which can trigger this condition. Meanwhile, if you want to try to detox yourself from harmful chemicals traditionally, you can visit Your Highest Truth Healings ayahuasca ceremony usa.

These are some common causes of depression according to experts:

Genetic or hereditary factors

Various studies have tried to link depression with genetic factors. Scientists believe, a person can be at risk for suffering from depression, if he has a family member with a similar condition. Genetic factors are estimated to contribute to 40% of the causes of depression. Until now, the type of gene that triggers the condition of depression is still unknown. However, it is believed there are many types of genes that contribute to this disorder.

Imbalance of chemicals in the brain

Some depressed people show changes in chemical conditions in their brain organs. People with depression have an imbalance of neurotransmitters, which are chemical compounds that play a role in communication between parts of the brain, and are involved in regulating mood and human happiness.

In theory, neurotransmitters, such as too little or even excessive amounts of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine in the brain, can cause depression, or at least contribute to this condition. This theory still requires further research, because it has not been able to describe the complexity of the condition of depression.

Some drugs, known as antidepressants, have been used to treat the disorder. Antidepressants consist of several groups, which work to ensure the adequacy of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Bitter incident

Other causes of depression are events and events in life. There are many bitter moments, which make a person experience depression. Some examples of these incidents, such as losing someone who is loved, fired from work, or have financial problems.

In addition, sexual harassment and violence, physical violence, and emotional abuse in the past can also be a cause of depression.


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