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There Are Some Beginner’s Fishing Tips That People Must Know

Fishing is one of the activities that many people choose as a hobby. This activity is fairly simple, but actually there are many things that must be learned before the fishing activity begins. Why is that? It is because there are times when the success of not catching a fish despite having been patient for many hours is due to preparation and improper fishing techniques. Some beginners might also carry their fishing poles recklessly so theirs can be damaged when they arrive at the fishing spot. Therefore, the collapsible fishing pole for backpacking is recommended for them.

Many opinions are triggered by those who have been reliable in fishing, namely 90% of the success of fishing lies in the state of fish in the water, but 10% lies in the correct fishing techniques. Some of the following fishing tips are suitable for beginners and are applied by all anglers. Among the tips are as follows:

Search for weather forecasts before fishing. Natural conditions such as the light of the moon, the rainy season, tides, and other natural phenomena can affect the activity of fish in rivers, seas, or lakes. The best time for fishing is when seawater is high tide or river water is receding. Meanwhile, if fishing activities carried out at night, try when there is no shining moon.

If the sea breeze blows too hard and the waves are high, you should not do fishing in the middle of the ocean. This will not only invite danger but will also be difficult for beginner anglers who are not familiar with the movement of seawater.

Some great anglers suggest the ideal time for fishing is two hours before sunrise, two hours after sunrise, two hours before sunset, and two hours after sunset. These times are considered when the fish are actively active not far from the surface of the water.

Prepare fishing equipment from home a few hours before going fishing. The goal, so that fishing equipment that is brought complete and in accordance with what is needed. Do not forget to bring a pocketknife as well as a tool to cut bait when fishing activities are being carried out.


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