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The Importance Of Forgiving Yourself

Everyone must have made a mistake. Both a single mistake is made only by us, and mistakes involving other people. Unfortunately, we usually find it easier to forgive others than to forgive ourselves. Though forgiving itself is actually a more important thing and first needs to be done before forgiving others. Some people sometimes find it difficult to forgive themselves and get lost in regret, even though it can interfere with their success. In the miracle healing prayer request, you will find out how valuable you are because God wants you to be happy miracle healing prayers.

Next, a dozen affirmations can be a reminder for us to not get discouraged and continue to have positive motivation after making a mistake or experiencing failure that might help us to rise from adversity and guilt.

1. All OK. You will be fine. We have all the time needed to recover. Continuing life after a failure certainly can not be achieved overnight. Move on is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. It takes small steps that are continuously done to be able to overcome and treat all feelings of disappointment and regret that certainly can not be lost in a day. Don’t let a bad experience make us feel our whole life is that bad. Do not because the pain we experience today makes us think tomorrow there will be the same pain. Always provide the best possibilities that we can experience in the future. Believe that the best things often happen when we no longer expect them.

2. There is no success without failure. There is a jargon that says, people who never make mistakes, are those who have never done anything. So, do not be discouraged and blame yourself for the rest of your life when inevitable mistakes we do. Better to regret making mistakes, rather than sorry for not doing anything, right? However, that does not mean also really do not regret it. Regret is certainly necessary and mistakes must be learned as lessons. It’s just that, the regret that we feel, as much as possible if we become a fuel to do things better and make important references so as not to make the same mistakes.

3. Positive thoughts will invite positive results as well. Being hurt or experiencing something we don’t expect is often unavoidable. But suffering because of it or not is a choice whose decision really is in our hands.


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