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Something You Need To Know About Callaway Rouge Golf Drivers

The new Callaway Rouge drivers will soon be gracing the competition between the best golf equipment manufacturers in Asia. Callaway has not only released one, but three new Rogue driver series will be released simultaneously with the Epic series to meet the needs of all level golfer. Want to know the advantages? Here’s a review of the latest Callaway Rogue drivers, one of the best driver for high handicapper.

Callaway Rogue Driver is Thinner

In order to obtain driver performance that is much better than the previous series, Callaway has made quite a drastic change in driver dynamics. Changes were made following the success of the previous Epic series drivers including changes to the MOI design that was able to provide extraordinary flexibility and the addition of several new features.

A quite obvious change from this latest Callaway driver series is the Jailbreak Technology feature which was deliberately created to increase ball speed. This Jailbreak feature is combined with the X-Face VFT feature to produce a more optimal “Jailbreak Effect”.

The updated Jailbreak technology also includes an hourglass-shaped titanium handle. This shaft is 25% lighter than the previous version and fulfills its function of strengthening the sole and tip of the driver. A hard and strong driver will allow the driver’s surface to receive more impacts so that it can push the ball faster.

Not only that, the sturdy Jailbreak design made Callaway designers more flexible to design thinner driver surfaces. The thinner face surface allows higher driver aggressiveness as well.

Meanwhile, the new X-Face VFT (Variable Face Thickness) surface architecture also boosts ball speed along a large face area. The combination of these two technologies allows the golfer to obtain more optimal shot distance and ball speed on shots that are right in the middle or on the edge of the driver’s face.

Callaway designers chose the triaxial carbon composite material because it is 65% lighter than pure titanium. The use of a very light and strong triaxial carbon composite material and the widest triaxial carbon crown and 0.6 millimeters thinner other Callaway drivers allow the load to be evenly distributed around the driver’s head.


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