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Recognizing The Negative Impact Of Watching Horror Films For Health

Generally, people consider fearing an unpleasant emotion. But some other people like to trigger this fear, for example by watching a horror movie. Be it watching in the cinema or on live streaming 123movies. Many people want to know how brave they are when watching a horror movie. They want to know the level of fear that they can tolerate, and it is not uncommon for satisfaction to arise when they can resist their fear. The following are some of the negative health effects you should know about. First, it increases the risk of blood clotting. Some researchers have found that often watching horror films can make your blood thicker. However, blood clots that appear are predicted not to lead to the formation of blood clots.

Second, it can be affected by sleep disorders. They often feel anxious about activities that should be safe. Although horror films are only stories created from the imagination of the creator, children (in particular, ages five to seven) who watch them will believe what they see and cannot distinguish well between what is fantasy and reality. Therefore, fear will make them have trouble sleeping after watching a scary movie.

Third, increase the potential for fainting. When you are feeling scared or anxious, your body will release the hormone adrenaline. The heart then pumps more blood to the legs in preparation for running. As a result, blood flow to the upper body (especially the head) is reduced and makes a person easily faint. This condition can happen when you are very scared while watching a horror movie. Enjoying horror films is not prohibited, and sometimes can be healthy. Especially for children, careful monitoring of parents is needed if they want to watch a horror movie. Do not let scary films become a trauma for them.


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