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Recognize The Meaning Of The Symbols Of The Two Animals

During the election of state leaders, it will certainly be a concern, especially for developed countries such as America, where this will be the world’s attention. Not only presidential candidates will be noticed, but various matters relating to him will also not be separated from the world’s attention, one of which is the democratic party. The symbol of the two animals between an elephant and a donkey, of course, are two animals that are certain to always be there throughout the presidential nomination campaign. Two pictures of elephants and donkeys will be very easy to find on various posters, pins, banners, and some even make Ultimate Flags This will be very easy to find during the campaign.

The symbols of the two animals have become commonplace on the US political scene and this has been happening since the 19th century. If a donkey became a symbol for a democratic political party, then the mammal became a symbol of a Republican party. The symbol of the Democratic political party, at that time in Andrew Jackson’s presidential campaign, was indeed the donkey symbol. During the campaign, Jackson or better known by his political opponents as “jackass” which means a male donkey, is, of course, interpreted broadly as a stupid man. before he finally decided to add the donkey image in his campaign poster, even though Jackson is known to have beaten his competitors.

Jackson’s competitor, who at that time was John Quincy Adams. Jackson became the first president to come from the Democratic party. And in about 1870, the famous political cartoonist Thomas Nast helped popularize the donkey symbol as a symbol of the Democratic political party. Meanwhile, the elephant symbol has also begun to become a symbol for republican political parties, which has been attached since the civil war in the US.


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