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Prayer Makes Us Healthy

If a servant who is being tested by God by being sent down by illness then a servant only expects his healing through what the prophet contemplated, if he gets a blessing from the God who has given him healing. Or you could also use an urgent prayer request to help your prayer to be answered. Therefore, in prayer facing calamity contains the value of monotheism and the mention of the nature of Almighty and holy God. Pray by calling God’s name can be used to facilitate the reception of prayers from sickness and plague.

Do you interpret prayer as a gateway to enlightenment or a way to be more focused? Whatever it is, one thing is certain, praying deeply, can provide physical and mental health benefits for you. Dr. Andrew Newberg, a neuropathologist said, “The more you do prayer or meditation practice, your brain will physically become thicker so that you can work better.” Newberg and other scientists explain the effects of daily prayer and meditation. If someone routinely does it, at least once a day, the benefits to the physical and brain include reduced stress levels, sleep more soundly, and some people claim to be able to feel a richer spiritual experience.

To get scientific results, Newberg took a brain scan from a spiritual leader while he was praying or meditating to learn more about how the practice changed brain activity. What did the researchers find? The center of concentration and language in the brain becomes active. This is what will make you more focused on doing something afterward, including speaking more positively. Then the parietal lobe that helps you connect with space and time becomes inactive, so that the brain seems to be given time to rest for a clearer mind. Meanwhile, the thalamus involved in sensory perception of the outside world becomes very very active. It is the continuity between the three that ultimately makes you feel more refreshed, “peaceful,” and calm just after praying or meditating. When routinely done, researchers believe mental health can continue to be maintained without the need for certain treatment or treatment. When mentally healthy, physically can become stronger.


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