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Perhaps More New Entrepreneur Must Know How To Make Good And Elegant Online Store Design

Good web design is now defined as designs that are neat and simple but still attractive and effective in conveying information. However, you may worry that your website looks too empty and lonely. One way to make elegant web designs, you must be diligent in doing research and observation on other websites and then applying them on your website. You have to look for references about trends in web design examples that are in demand by many people so that later on your website will also be able to attract the attention of visitors. Meanwhile, if you want to get a plak theme for your online store, you might want to use a plak theme discount code.

Maximize white space

White space means the free space which is the distance between graphic elements. This space does not have to be white, as long as there is free space from all design elements it can be interpreted as white space. Many elegant web designs use this technique to present a simple, clean, and modern impression.

Web design that maximizes white space. Lots of free space but still feels harmonious because there is harmony between the placement of photos, text, and the CTA button. This design displays an elegant and classy impression, giving rise to the perception that the products being sold are of high quality.

Choose a maximum of 2-3 colors

Don’t use too many colors to get an elegant and trendy web design look. Just choose 2-3 main colors and mix them well through certain accents. The color itself can give perception, so you have to be wise. For example, suppose you want to be seen as a professional, calm, mature, and skilled company. So you should use blue instead of red which seems more ambitious, youthful, and passionate.

A web design that maximizes the use of color well. This website uses monochrome colors and is accented with pastel colors. You can see that this website is dominated by black and white and so that it is not too flat, it has added lighter color accents in some parts.


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