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One Of Human Biggest Mistakes: Too Hoping On Other Humans

Life is a secret full of puzzles. Although many people are considered capable of staring into the future, still, God has a thousand kinds of ways to keep it whole. Humans are only able to guess and guess. The picture that is clearly visible about the future, depends on how strongly they believe about the things that are created in each other’s minds. But one thing we need to understand is, do the best you can. Although the future does not match expectations but know, God will not give bad things, but only replaced with things that are far better and more appropriate for you. If you feel you have an illness that you cannot deal with, go to a miracle healing prayers and ask for healing from someone whom God trusts.

When we fall in love, it is hypocritical that we don’t expect that person to love us too. Everything that is in him, starting from his smile, how to laugh, how ridiculous behavior, looks so perfect in our eyes. From there, Hope began to emerge, that someday, we are able to spend time together with him. Just imagine it already makes you intoxicated, what if God makes our dreams come true? It’s so happy.

Because we put great hope on him when we are together, and he treats us so kindly, the heart feels beating fast and in the heart murmurs “Does he have the same feelings as what I now feel?”.

Hope in Humans. A reasonable action, but too stupid to do continuously. How could humans not feel hurt and disappointed, if life is given to fellow human beings, living things that need hope too? For what is religion? Religion provides a grip on us, that there is a God who is able to accommodate all the hopes of all humans.

God hears all prayers and hopes, even in my heart. Maybe God does not always realize our expectations, but at least, God never makes sweet promises that lead to sad. God will give all the best and we need in our lives.


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