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It’s Practical To Maintain Tire Pressure With Portable Air Compressor

Maintaining tire pressure at ideal numbers is very important. One practical solution is to use a portable tire compressor. Reduced air pressure on the tires is not a trivial problem, because it can cause the tires to pop while driving. As a result, lives are at stake. Therefore, check the air pressure on the tires as much as possible every day before traveling by car. If it is not enough, you can increase the air pressure on the tire patch outlets. Apart from that, if you want to find a good air compressor for your personal use, you must check out the air compressor for garage.

But if you want it to be more practical to maintain tire pressure, as well as a preventive measure during an emergency when the tire is flat, you might consider proposing a portable tire compressor, which is widely available at accessory outlets. The operation is quite easy because this portable tire compressor simply uses a car lighter as its 12-volt power supply. Its dimensions are quite compact so it doesn’t take up much space when you put it in the trunk of the car.

The choice of portable tire compressors is also completely based on the air pressure that can be blown into the tires. From the smallest with a pressure of 150 Psi to 300 Psi. For sedans to MPV, 150 Psi is enough. As for the SUV, double cab, and jeep variants, it is advisable to use 200 to 300 Psi.

This is based on the different tire sizes in each car. The bigger and thicker the tire profile, the bigger the air volume and possibly, pressure, that it can contain. If you use a small Psi pressure on large tires, you are afraid that the compressor will heat up quickly, as a result, it can quickly break down.

However, please remember that the use of a portable tire compressor is only used to increase the air, not to pump the tires from a state of no air at all. Avoid pumping tires from a completely flat state, because it can immediately damage the pump, it’s better to just use spare tires. If a tire that is not sufficiently airy is below 15 Psi, the tire should also be jacked up, so that the compressor works lighter.


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