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Is CBD Legal In Slovakia?

The Czech Republic is considered by many to have fairly relaxed laws about certain substances, which made Prague nicknamed ‘The Amsterdam of the East’, but what about the neighbors? Is CBD legal in Slovakia?

Somewhat strange, from an outsider’s perspective at least, the laws on drugs and other substances are very different between the two countries that have been connected. In fact, when it comes to CBD, Slovakia is not only different from its next-door neighbors and siblings, but also from almost the entire European Union (EU).

We know right ?! This is a generally strange situation. It is very rare that laws on food and new substances change between countries in the EU, only because the Union is based on several key concepts, and the free movement of goods between the Member States is among the top.

However, when it comes to CBD, which is legal under European Union law as long as the THC content is below 0.2% and cannabinoids come from industrial hemp factories that follow EU regulations, Slovakia has decided to take another path.

Concerns about CBD in Slovakia are almost the same as those in most other countries where CBD is illegal, there is very little (if any) legal separation between CBD and THC.

As a result, apart from the first fact that most know about CBD is that it is not psychoactive, Slovak law views CBD as a psychotropic substance, and is therefore prohibited from being bought or sold in any way, form or form within national borders.

This is not one of those laws that have been around forever, and the government has not had time to change it, this is a relatively new legal change, coming into force in 2011. But the way it happened, is quite strange.

Although people never know for sure what will happen with the laws of any country, and most sellers do not claim to be academically proficient in Slovak government policy, there will most likely be an immediate change, not least because it is likely not going down well with 27 other EU member states, no one considers CBD as a dangerous substance in the way it is classified in Slovakia.


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