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Investing Mistakes and How to Choose the Right Investment

Investing is one of the ways people choose to increase asset value. In other words, make more money without hard work. Today more and more people are starting to step into the realm of investing at http://www.cnie.org/highleverage/ecn-brokers-with-high-leverage.html. Because investing can be used as a means of achieving financial goals for long-term planning. For example, investment is used to cover children’s education funds or later retirement funds. Unfortunately, there are still many things that go wrong in investing. It is precisely the investment made financially detrimental. And unfortunately, it happened without realizing it. It should be noted that investment is not the main choice for most of the middle class in big cities. Although the current investment options are numerous. Starting from mutual funds, stocks, to bonds. And it turns out that there are still many who save their funds in the form of savings. The value of money in savings will decline as a result of being eroded by inflation.

Inflation is still one of the main reasons why it is necessary to invest. It is undeniable that the impact of inflation has spread to the economic sector. High inflation makes things difficult. This is because inflation has an impact on rising prices for goods. The following facts explain the mistakes many people make in investing their money. Hopefully, presenting this data can help you in choosing the right investment. Supposedly, saving money in the form of savings is a form of anticipating various needs in the short term, not in the long term. Saving money in savings is perfect for financing daily needs, unexpected expenses, or an emergency fund.

Unfortunately, many people think otherwise, taking advantage of savings for long-term investment purposes. Interest that is not higher than inflation (February 2017 inflation of 3.83%), an increase in the cost of education, or property causes the value of money stored in savings to decline.

If so, can the money in savings meet future needs or wants in the future?

The reason given by many people who save their funds in the form of savings is because they want to find a sense of security. People are still afraid of the risks of investing. They don’t want their money to be lost and reduced. Therefore, savings are a reliable option.


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