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How to Treat Sciatica Pain

Sciatica pain is pain that arises from a damaged or pinched sciatic nerve in the lower back. This nerve is located in the lower back to the feet, precisely below the knee. The pain besides attacking the waist and buttocks also generally attacks one part of the leg with unbearable pain. Some people equate this pain as pain when you have a toothache. On emily lark reviews, you can see some of sciatica exercises.

Generally, this condition is caused by a disk (disc) joint that protrudes into the spine and presses on the nerves. Various ways from exercise to epidural steroid injections can help treat sciatica pain and ease the pain.

There are various effective ways to treat sciatica pain. Among these are:

1. Sports
When the pain strikes, people who experience sciatica pain usually prefer to lie down all day rather than having to move actively. However, lying down and standing still on the mattress actually makes your pain settles more and more. You should instead carry out various physical activities because this can increase blood flow to the discs and nerves. This will help get rid of the chemicals that cause inflammation.

2. Acupuncture
Acupuncture is an alternative treatment by inserting special needles at certain points on the body. This point is usually located along the meridian or energy and vital points of the body. Stimulating points along the body’s meridian pathway is considered capable of removing blockages and stimulating the central nervous system. That way, the body is expected to release various pain-fighting chemicals that will eventually alleviate the symptoms of sciatica.

3. Trigger point massage
Trigger point massage is one of the effective ways to treat sciatica pain. Trigger point massage means doing massage at the point where the pain arises. This method is usually done in the Piriformis muscle, lower back muscles (waist), and glutes (thighs). Visit an expert therapist who can provide a massage at the right point. Generally, you need to do 7 to 10 times the treatment. But again, not everyone is suitable for this treatment. You can replace it with other treatments if this method does not also provide changes or does not ease the pain.


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