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How To Make Sourdough

White sourdough bread lovers must know how sourdough bread is made. Not only soft, but delicious sourdough bread is also healthier and easier to digest. Speaking of artisan bread, sourdough is one of the many types of bread that is quite popular. Although it has a distinctive aroma and sour taste, this type of bread is excellent. Especially for fans of artisan bread. Generally, sourdough bread is eaten directly, with butter. Made a sandwich with various toppings or given cheese and baked. But many people like this bread just to be eaten without spread. The beginning of the creation of sourdough is from the bread dough left by an Egyptian citizen for several days. Then the dough of wheat flour and water expand on their own. At that time, he still baked the bread dough earlier. The result gives a more acidic taste but has a soft texture.

So, sourdough is indeed made from a whole wheat flour dough, water, and most importantly natural yeast. Even so, now sourdough is more often made using instant yeast. Sourdough means bread made with natural yeast. You need to collect yeast to make a ‘yeast culture’. After that, put it in the dough and wait for it to expand and form it. After that, you have to let it ferment first before baking it. Because you use natural yeast, the taste will be sourer. Although it looks very simple sourdough takes quite a long time to make. The natural fermentation process can take as long as two days. And you could also buy a sourdough starter if you are not sure about making one.

The first thing to do is to make a starter or natural yeast and bacteria. This is the longest process, between 5-7 days. But, if the starter is ready, we don’t need to make it in the future. Just give it food and drink (flour and water), so bacteria can hold up for years or even forever. No wonder the chefs say making a starter is a once-in-a-lifetime process. This starter only comes from flour and water. We utilize the lactobacillus bacteria that are naturally present in the flour. After this starter, so we will use it in a similar way when we make bread with instant yeast.


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