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Find Out Why The Browser Is Slow

You must have come across various websites or online media that have ads that are quite annoying when you want to read the website. Advertisements that pass several times while we are reading certain websites, of course, will make you feel like you don’t want to linger to see the website. As. Advertising is indeed a source of income for a website or online media. But if often advertisements such as popups or a banner appear in one of our browsers, this will certainly make the speed when entering to access becomes slower. In this case, of course, we as internet users will also be disturbed when opening a website, which will then always appear in an ad. Even some of them will make the performance of the browser to be slow. But this problem was responded to well by Google, it provided a pretty good solution, namely by creating heavy ad blocking weapons or ads that make browsing performance slow.

For those of you who have a website, you certainly have to understand this. In this case, you will probably get a lot of visitors at the beginning but this will also make your website visitors will not come back to view your site because they feel uncomfortable with distractions from advertisements. Previously, Google had developed weapons for ad blocking, but this is the first time the search engine technology giant has been able to focus on ads that make computers or laptops slower.

In this case, heavy ads will be automatically blocked. Even you as an internet user or website owner will be notified that when blocking occurs. With this solution, you as an internet user will certainly feel comfortable when searching for the information you need without having to wait for a long process because of the ads that come in continuously.


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