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Curriculum and Activities at Pleasant Hill Preschool: A Dynamic Approach to Early Childhood Development

Early childhood education should be enjoyable and rewarding at Pleasant Hill preschool. Our engaging activities and curriculum are meticulously crafted to promote holistic development, pique curiosity, and build a solid foundation for lifelong learning. In addition, our academic and social-emotional learning integration aims to foster an atmosphere where kids can grow and succeed.

Holistic Curriculum: At Pleasant Hill Preschool, our curriculum is carefully created to cover all facets of a child’s development. We support a play-based methodology that promotes active exploration and learning. We seek to encourage cognitive, physical, and artistic growth through structured courses and unscheduled play. Because our curriculum aligns with early learning standards, we can guarantee that kids learn valuable skills while having fun at preschool.

Engaging Activities: We are adamant that kids learn best when they have fun and are actively engaged. Our wide variety of activities is intended to pique their interest in learning and keep them engaged. Every day is filled with participatory activities encouraging self-expression, problem-solving, and critical thinking, from arts and crafts to music and movement. Our teachers are adept at fostering a welcoming environment where kids feel free to explore, ask questions, and work with their peers.

Social-Emotional Development: At Pleasant Hill Preschool, we understand how important it is to foster social-emotional development in addition to academic development. We encourage a sense of belonging and assist kids in growing empathy, respect, and collaboration via well-designed activities and group interactions. Our instructors foster a welcoming, accepting atmosphere that promotes healthy relationships and emotional well-being.

Outside Education: At Pleasant Hill Preschool, we take full advantage of the lovely outside areas because nature is an excellent teacher. Our outdoor learning activities allow kids to explore their senses, connect with the natural world, and improve their gross motor skills. Our outdoor experiences help kids develop a sense of wonder, an appreciation for nature, and a love for outdoor activities, whether it’s through gardening, animal watching, or imaginative play.


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