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Causes of teeth sounding while sleeping could be a sign of bruxism

Bruxism is a condition when a person grinds, grinds, or grits his teeth unconsciously and it becomes a habit. Causes of bruxism, namely: mental disorders, and sleep problems. This condition is not dangerous, but if done every day, it can damage teeth and cause other oral health complications. Common in children, bruxism can also be experienced by adults. Teeth grinding is done unconsciously when sleeping at night. People with bruxism make sounds by grinding their upper and lower teeth, right and left unconsciously. Of course, you are highly recommended to see a doctor. The doctor will generally examine the condition of your teeth and jaw to determine the extent of tooth decay due to bruxism or tooth grinding. Based on these examinations, doctors recommended by dental seo can find the right and effective treatment.

Generally, bruxism is a condition that does not require serious treatment. For children, bruxism or grinding of teeth can heal by itself as they grow. Adults can also experience bruxism, but it doesn’t necessarily need special treatment. However, if the damage to the teeth and jaw is very severe, it is advisable to immediately visit a doctor to get treatment according to the symptoms that appear. Your doctor can give you some kind of mouthguard or braces to straighten loose teeth caused by grinding. In addition, changing unhealthy habits or behavior, including avoiding excessive alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine can also help.

During your consultation, your dentist may ask you about your sleeping habits. This is needed to identify whether you need to have tests in a sleep lab to monitor brain activity while you sleep at night. Even so, some experts state that one of the factors that can make a person grind his teeth during sleep is psychological problems. Here are some possible causes of bruxism or teeth grinding, including a very active, aggressive, and energetic personality.


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