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Best Slicer Recommendation

The slicer is one of the kitchen utensils used to cut vegetables. With this tool, you can slice onions, turnips, potatoes, cucumbers, and other vegetables easily. In fact, there are several products that can be used to slice other ingredients such as bread and cheese. There are slicers that not only produce thin slices but also produce a variety of sliced shapes. There is even a special slicer for chopping cabbage. These things will certainly be very helpful, but it’s a shame if you rarely use them. For that, choose a slicer with a function that suits your needs. You can find it on Toprated Buyer Guides.

IKEA 365+ Mandoline
This black slicer has a sturdy and stable design. You can use it safely and comfortably. In addition, the design allows you to adjust the result of the slices. Choose mode 0 when you don’t use it or want to clean it. This will help keep your hands from getting scratched. For those of you who are looking for a strong and easy-to-care slicer, please choose this IKEA product.

Tupperware Speedy Mando
Some articles may mention not to use too small an ingredient in the slicer for safety reasons. However, now Tupperware is here to provide a solution for you. Speedy Mando comes with a feature that is devoted to slicing small ingredients such as onions, mushrooms, nuts, and others. This product is equipped with a plunger, food guider, and safety grip. All of these items ensure that you can slice small ingredients safely, without fear of injury. So, for those of you who need to slice small ingredients, what are you waiting for?

Mandoline Slicer 7 in 1
This product has three kinds of knives, three kinds of a grater, and one peeler. The three different knives allow you to produce slices of different thicknesses and shapes. So, you can slice various ingredients with this product. In addition, this product is also equipped with a plastic container that can accommodate the slices. You no longer need to buy separate containers that are not necessarily the right size. For those of you who don’t want to bother cleaning the scattered slices, this product is the solution.


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