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Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S10 Series

The Samsung Galaxy S10 series is not a cheap smartphone series. Various futuristic features and non-mainstream designs make this smartphone into the premium Android range which is important for maximum protection. If you own one of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, make sure you maximize the protection of your new Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone from minor bumps and falls. Don’t use a mediocre case, because the Galaxy S10 series deserves the best protection from the colorful S10 Plus cases too.

Add a glamorous and classy impression to the back of your Samsung Galaxy S10 series smartphone with the Samsung LED Cover. This case is made by Samsung itself specifically for the Galaxy S10 series. Physically, the Samsung Galaxy S10 LED Cover is in the shape of a box following the frame of the Galaxy S10 but has the addition of twinkling LED lights on the back panel. In addition to simply displaying a flashing LED, this Samsung LED Cover can display notifications and countdown numbers for selfies. Next is the Samsung Protective Standing Cover, which as the name implies can protect your Galaxy S10 series smartphone while providing additional functions as a “stand” or smartphone stand support. This one case is perfect for those of you who prioritize protection over appearance because the Samsung Protective Standing Cover has a thick casing wall.

Nillkin Sparkle Flip Case Leather colorful S10 Plus cases is the next Samsung Galaxy S10 series case that has a conventional flip design. However, instead of using synthetic leather, this case uses PET plastic which is textured, lightweight, and strong enough to withstand impacts. This case protects the back panel and screen of the Galaxy S10 in various color variants for you to match your style. Samsung Galaxy S10 series users who travel a lot and are faced with extreme environments are highly recommended to use the UAG Monarch case. The case is assembled with 5 layers of materials: Polycarbonate, top-grain leather, pressure-resistant rubber, armor frame, and metal alloy frame. In addition, this case has passed the MIL-STD 810G military grade certification.


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