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Before Buying, Check Apartment Plan Drawing Based On Unit Type And Facilities

Do you want to invest in a property in the form of an apartment in one north eden showflat? Your choice is right! Whether for housing or investment, apartment prices will always increase every year. Before buying an apartment, property hunters will generally consider the needs of the unit type first by checking the apartment image.

Well, if you want to invest in property, of course, you have to know and understand the types of apartment units that you will choose. You also have to know for sure the advantages and disadvantages, so that you can reach the target who will rent your apartment unit. Don’t be confused, let’s see the full review below from One North Eden!

Studio type
This type generally has an area of ​​from 20 to 30 square meters. This type of studio carries a one-room concept that includes a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. There are still two types of studio type apartments, namely the Alcove Studio type, and the Convertible Studio type.

The alcove studio or half room apartment type has a shape like a letter L and usually has two dividers. As for the Convertible Studio type, it is included in the studio plus apartment with a slightly larger size, so that the occupants can separate themselves as a divider for the bedroom.

Loft Type
At first glance, it looks like an attic because the apartment has an additional half-floor space called the loft. This space is commonly used for bedrooms. Loft type apartments are currently becoming very popular because in several European countries because they are considered to have good air circulation and seem wider.

Studio apartment
The advantages of loft-type apartments are that they have high ceilings, adequate lighting, good air circulation, have an open model, and are flexible. While the drawbacks are greater noise pollution, expensive furniture, and limited storage space.

Type 1 BR
Type 1 BR (1 Bedroom) is a type of apartment that has been developed by many developers in Indonesia. The size of this type of apartment is slightly larger than the studio type. If the studio has a combined 1 room concept, Type 1 BR has a wall divider between the bedroom and kitchen. Some developers also provide their bathroom in the room.

Type 2 BR
Bari Families that already have 1 or 2 children, type 2 BR apartments are in great demand. This type consists of 2 separate bedrooms, so 1 room can be used for parents and 1 room for a child’s room. Usually, the 2 BR apartment type has a size of 45 square meters to 90 square meters.

Type 3 BR
Type 3 BR is an apartment unit that has 3 bedrooms, a living room, 1 kitchen, and 1 main bathroom. Several developers made the concept of type 3BR + study room or 3BR + workspace. Because ideally this type of apartment can be used by families with many members. The latest design of this type of apartment is the classic six type apartment which is quite popular in the United States.

Those are some types of apartment units that you can consider for investment options. For success in property investment, you need to choose the best property consultant service, namely one north eden showflat.


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