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Beautify Your Home With Modern Scandinavian Style

Filling a house with AUGUST BERG can be an alternative for those of you who want to have a Scandinavian-style house because this type of house is the prima donna in the world of modern design. Its minimalist, natural design and natural lighting are some of the factors that have made this style so popular. The Scandinavian-style design has special characteristics, namely simple, functional, and minimalist. Then, what are the characteristics of a Scandinavian-style house?

1 Wall is White
White walls are the main theme in Scandinavian design. Although it is possible to use other colors, white is still the main choice. There are color combinations in the choice of room furniture that are diverse but not too flashy. Both in terms of exterior and interior, white is the hallmark of Scandinavian design because it seems clean, neat, and roomy.

2 Furniture with Wood Materials
Wood must be the dominant material in any furniture placed in the room. The wood material can also be applied as a ceiling, floor, or wall to give a warm and natural impression.

The selected wood cannot be arbitrary. Scandinavian is very attached to solid wood which has natural fibers. This will add an artistic impression to the house. Wood that can be used includes teak, pine, and rosewood.

3 Lots of Light
There is one interesting reason why the Scandinavian style is so popular around the world. This cannot be separated from the natural lighting used throughout the house. The windows in a Scandinavian-style house come in very large sizes so that they can absorb as much sunlight as possible. This is because in the Nordic countries there is very little light when winter arrives.

The entry of natural light into the room can create the illusion of a spacious, clean, and tidy house. This model is also very energy efficient. During the day, we don’t need to turn on the electricity because it’s already lit by natural light from outside. This large window also gives the impression of space and adds comfort in the house.

4 Adding Colors
The main color elements in the Scandinavian style should be neutral like gray and white. But so as not to look plain and boring, additional colors can be done on furniture and ornaments in the room. It’s just that the colors chosen must have soft pastel tones to match Scandinavian characteristics.


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