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5 Steps To Mastering English Exams

There are many ways to get through an English test well. English exams are usually like the TOEFL, IELTS, a1 exams, b1 test booking, up to c1. Don’t worry, here are some tips for mastering the English exam.

1. Learning futures
Although interesting (and sometimes unavoidable) the cramming is not the best way to learn. You should learn in 20-50 minute sessions and give yourself 5 to 10 minutes of rest between each session. For example, learn the most important part of grammar for 50 minutes, then rest for 10 minutes. If you have not completed this section, you can continue it in the next 50 minutes. If you have completed the section before 50 minutes, continue studying the next subject before you take a break. For best results, study for a full week.

2. Build what you know
If you start with what you know and add more difficult material to the process, you can associate this new information with familiar material. This will make it easier for you to study comprehensively and make sure you don’t forget the basics you’ve learned rather than learning a large amount of new information. For example, you are familiar with past simple tense, so you are advised to start from that section. After you are done, continue to learn grammar that you are not familiar with but also don’t understand at all. Follow this pattern to make sure you study most of the material for the exam because you won’t be stuck trying to understand one difficult material.

3. Make Interesting
Memorizing 20 words is more difficult than memorizing a sentence with 20 words. Likewise memorizing a boring list of facts is more difficult than memorizing a story – to help save information, try to relate it to whatever is being learned. Whether using some memory aids, such as small notes, flashcards, or making personal facts, bringing test material into life will make it easier to remember.

4. Form Study Groups
Study groups can motivate you to start when it’s hard to motivate yourself – plus, explaining difficult concepts by speaking will help you to know what you have understood and what you still need to re-learn. Studying together with a group of people who enjoy learning to speak English will provide a positive energy boost for better learning. And if you can get each member to bring a snack, make it an incentive to meet.

5. Manage Your Time
Ahead of the exam, your time becomes very valuable every minute. This is why scheduling before an exam is so important. So that you don’t become a bonker in this stressful time, make a realistic schedule for yourself. Let yourself rest and make sure to prioritize studying the material that you need the most.


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