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5 Habits That Make You Fail To Become A Professional Photographer

The rapid development of social media has brought new changes to the lifestyle of modern humans today. Everyone is free to show their existence through whatever activities they do through photos. Showing various photos is of course very important in generating opinions from social media users about uploaded photos. No wonder nowadays photographers appear suddenly. But there are some things that you should pay attention to as we have summarized at luismoraphoto.tumblr.com.

Everyone can take good pictures through the photo editing feature on social media which is very helpful for bringing out good photos. The world of photography, which is growing due to social media, also does not rule out the possibility of many people changing their professions to become photographers.

But is it that easy to become a professional photographer? Reporting from the digital school photography page, here are 5 habits that will make you fail to become a professional photographer.

Didn’t Bring a Camera

Sometimes the good moments to capture in photos come at the most unexpected. Professional photographers must be ready to capture this moment at any time. They must always carry the camera in their hand so that when needed this device can be used. You won’t be the photographer you want to be if you miss a great moment to capture. Even if you don’t bring a DSLR camera at least you have to be ready with the camera on your smartphone to capture those unexpected moments.

Wake up late

The cold air in the morning is tempting to continue dreaming under the covers, but even before dawn, many good moments can be captured. If you are not disciplined in getting up early, many good and rare moments are missed. You will also miss many opportunities for photographing activities that you can only get if you are disciplined in getting up early.

Too Busy Chimping

In the world of photography, reviewing the captured image on the rear LCD screen of the camera is known as chimping. You can do chimping occasionally to find out the quality of the image that has been captured. However, if your time is only spent chimping, you will miss many moments that you should be able to capture in photos. Even though rare moments that are good to be photographed can only happen in a matter of seconds and cannot be repeated.

White Balance

Professional photographers will always remember to set the white balance (WB) on their camera. White balance is important for maintaining the color balance in the image. Maybe you can set the white balance to automatic, but the photos will generally be cooler than the actual color temperature. Therefore, adjusting the white balance every time you take a photo is very important to get the maximum photo results.

Leaving the Camera Lens Full of Dust

The camera lens does require special care to keep it functioning optimally. Moreover, if you frequently remove and install the lens in a place full of dust, it will certainly interfere with the function of the camera sensor if it is filled with incoming dust. Therefore you need to be careful when you want to change the lens, position yourself back to the wind direction so that dust does not get into the camera, and immediately change the lens as soon as possible.

Do not make a habit of letting dust get into the camera and lens. Avoiding the above habits may pave your way to become a professional photographer you want.


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