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3 Steps To Improve Product Quality In Production Lines

Good management always strives to control costs, especially in a manufacturing environment that is synonymous with complex production processes but, still must create products that are of good quality and have added value https://www.exotrac.com/. There are no better costs to eliminate than the costs used for poor quality products. Thus, to eliminate waste costs a strategic approach is needed to achieve product quality improvement starting from the production line. In addition to the production department, the line between goods to the destination is also important so that it requires proper supervision. All that can be obtained with the yard management solutions application.

The following steps can you apply to improve production quality in the manufacturing environment:

Step 1: Apply the Teamwork Mindset
Quality cannot be improved continuously by individuals. For quality to be maintained and in the business process to continue to change, it is better for you to take a teamwork-based approach. By involving several disciplines in finding the best way to improve quality, then you will get a variety of perspectives.

Step 2: Define Quality from a Consumer Perspective
Quite often, staff in the manufacturing environment want to make the product “better” but don’t really understand how. With additional costs, it is certain the company will almost always be able to make better products. However, whether with this additional cost, the product made is really in accordance with what the customer wants? Companies must implement the Voice of Customer function optimally, usually from the sales or marketing division. Use the customer perspective to determine the best product that your customers want, so you can set certain standards and adjust them to the costs.

Step 3: Develop Organizational Understanding of Costs for Quality
The cost to make repairs or waste through direct observation in the field will usually be higher than the cost to fix the source of the problem itself. So it is very important to provide understanding by providing training to staff on the production line about the costs used to make repairs. So, after the staff understands this perspective, the desire to find the root cause of the problem can be developed.


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