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You Can Try These Tips To Learn French Fast

Learning French depends on how you do it. Some people can learn it quickly, while some others might take more time. That’s why you need to read 5 tips to learn French fast from this article. Meanwhile, you can go to Vertaler Nederlands Frans if you also need a Dutch-French translating service.

1. Get to know

Easy or difficult in learning the new language, actually depends on how similar the new language we learn is our native language. Learning French is more difficult when we learn to use other languages that are not similar to Arabic. Why? It’s because the similarity and structure of the two languages are not the same although there are some similarities of vocabulary. It’s also because Arabic and French have separators for men, women, singular, and plural.

In some countries, many people have or are studying Arabic. French comes from Latin where Latin uses gender. In Arabic itself, they also use gender. Now if you have basic Arabic, this can help make it easier for us to learn French, considering that English doesn’t use gender.

2. Listening

Usually, many of us, when we first learn a new language, are confused, especially if we continue to be given a language course grammars directly. It’s very confusing. Before we start learning a new language, try to listen as often as possible to the new language through films, songs or listen directly to the native speakers speak, etc. It’s necessary so that we feel the new language will become familiar.

3. Reading

You try to read anything you can such as journals, novels, song lyrics, or short writing like in a brochure that uses French. Here, you don’t need to understand the meaning or understand the structure of grammar, pronunciation, etc.

You just need to love it and get used to it at first. In learning a new language we also have to get acquainted first, then we must have known each other then slowly, understand and comprehend each other, and then, unfortunately, you can fall in love with the language.

4. Grammar

After we know our new language, then we learn the grammar. This helps us in compiling or making words properly and correctly.

5. Exercise

Both verbal and written exercises are very important. The more you practice, the more you will memorize vocabulary.


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