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You Can Try These 3 Tips To Maintain The Sharpness Of Your Knives

Sometimes blades are very blunt because they are often used. This can be clearly seen when the food material that we are cutting is destroyed even before we finish cutting it. Well, to avoid blunt knives and make your cooking mood a mess, we have 3 tips for keeping the knife sharp. In the meantime, if you want to find out more about some of the best kitchen knives for professional chefs, we recommend you to follow Kamikoto Twitter.

Here are 3 tips you can try to maintain the sharpness of your knife:

1. Sharpen the blade periodically

When you want to sharpen your knives, you can use a whetstone. You may see this stone in sushi restaurants to stalls in traditional markets. The way to use it is very easy. Simply rub one side of the blade that is blunted from the base of the surface of the grindstone to the end in a one-way motion.

In order to keep your knife sharp, you can sharpen your knife once a week.

2. Sharpen the knife before you use it

You can sharpen your knife before you use it to cut food ingredients by using the honing rod.

First, tilt the honing rod slightly, making sure the metal edges touch the chopping board or cutting board and your hands hold the honing rod handle firmly. Then rub the blade from the base to the tip on the top of the metal rod. Do the same thing on the other side of the blade, but this time start from the bottom of the metal rod.

3. Use the cutting board properly

It turns out that the base we use when cutting foodstuffs is very influential on the level of sharpness of our knives. Therefore, never try to cut your food ingredients without being covered with cutting boards. From now on use a cutting board made of wood or plastic when cutting food.

However, you must never cut vegetables and meat on the same cutting board. That’s because bacteria and dirt in meat will contaminate your vegetables. So, cut the vegetables first, then the meat later.


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