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What Is Abaya?

Certainly, there are still many people who don’t know what abaya is. Don’t worry, we will help you understand the meaning of these abaya words. Our expertise is to market quality abayas from the gulf country so we are experienced in abayas, their fabric, their pieces, and their origin. That’s why perhaps you need to check out our abaya online store too. Abayas are the traditional clothing of women in the Gulf countries or the Middle East. There he was called ‘Abaya’, ‘Swaeiyah’ or ‘Daffa’. It is basically a piece of cloth (clothing) that is worn outside or on top of other clothes when women want to leave the house. In English, it is called ‘black over-garment’ or ‘black cloak’ is translated as ‘black blanket’.

The use of abayas is very coincided with the characteristics of Islamic women’s clothing that keeps the Shari’a. This is because an abaya usually has the following characteristics:

Thick cloth.
The color is black.
It’s big and loose.
It is dumb covering the entire body.
It is polite.
Islamic female symbol.

Most people in the Gulf country consider abayas to be their traditional dress, but in this age, abayas have become global clothing because everywhere Muslim women wear abayas. The influence of Khalejia’s fashion and culture or the culture of UAE women who have always been elegant in wearing abayas is now a phenomenon in several countries that have large numbers of Muslims.

But, don’t be surprised because there are many Muslim women from non-Islamic countries today who wear abaya. They have accepted abayas as Islamic clothing that is concise, elegant and very satisfying in covering the body.

In the past, the design of abayas was very basic, but today we can see abayas in various pieces, variations in fabric, color, and style. There are straight cut abayas like most abayas from Saudi Arabia. When abayas intersect ‘A-cut’ and ‘Butterfly-cut’ are very famous in the UAE and Qatar which are usually called ABAYA DUBAI, which is very elegant when worn. Now there are also ‘Umbrella-Cut’ or ‘Princess-Cut’ whose wide openings are wide but very feminine.

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