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Various Types Of Credit Card Breaches

Every time we go shopping, we can easily find a card payment machine for small business. Yes, that is a common thing because credit card users are increasing every year. A study notes there are hundreds of thousands of customers who are hit by credit card burglaries every year around the world. Terrible is not it? The following are types of cases that have occurred with examples of ways or modes of perpetrators in each type of case:

1. Burglary Accompanied by Credit Card Snatching
This credit card burglary case is a burglary case with the most “old school” method. This is due to the perpetrator breaking into the victim’s credit card by snatching that involves the direct physical contact of the perpetrator and the victim, so the possibility of being caught is also higher.

Burglary by means of mugging is carried out in open places such as shops or shopping centers. The perpetrator will then quickly take the victim’s credit card and copy any important data, such as the card number and the complete identity of the victim. This is then followed by the action of the perpetrators in taking valuables related to credit cards such as wallets and cellphones.

2. Break-Through Through Counterfeiting Identity by Former Bank Employees
No less shocking with the incident on the first point about the mugging, it turns out that credit cards are also prone to falsification of identity. Not only “classic” criminals can do it, but also bank employees.

The former employee of one of the private banks previously served as a call center from 2011 to 2012. During his tenure as a call center, this employee secretly stole the data of each customer and recorded it in a hidden place. It turned out that important identities such as customer id cards and photos registered on the id card had been bagged.

This makes it easier to do carding or credit card burglary. Because he had previously worked in the banking sector, it was only natural that fellow bank staff were not suspicious. In fact, the identity associated with the credit card he offered was a fake ID card. Terrible, right?

3. Burglary Credit Cards Via the Internet
The increasing intensity of internet consumption is not only contributing to citizens’ knowledge about technology which is also getting higher. Conversely, some people who are not responsible use the power of the internet to commit crimes such as credit card burglary.

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