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This Is The Short Version Of History Of Bows And Archery

Talking about the history of archery, a question will arise from where did the archery come from? The answer is that the history of archery cannot be known with certainty, the arrow is the oldest weapon used by humans since 50,000 years ago, it could even be older than that. Archaeologists estimate from paintings in caves that are 500,000 years old. Finding wall paintings depicting the use of arrows by humans to protect themselves from wild animals, and as a tool for foraging by hunting. Based on these paintings, it is illustrated that the arrows used to be used also for war. In the meantime, if you also like the modern-day crossbows, perhaps you can check out some of the crossbow reviews before you buy one of them.

The arrow is a symbol of power and power. This gives a certain status and luck in his environment. In Greek legend, the Amazon demonstrates the ability of women to use bows as weapons and symbols of victory in the land, bows decorated with colorful designs symbolizing “Diana” as a hunter for greed, and love. Bows are also known as primitive tribal weapons in the eastern world. These weapons are like a pendulum, and javelin is considered an ancient weapon.

According to the Scriptures, the people of Israel and Egypt were known as good archers. That can be proven by various battles that can change history. The bow was developed to be used as a cavalry. In England, most people wear longbows. Whereas in France, people wear crossbows. Wars in Hasting, Creek, Agincourt, and Roses wars, bows play an important role here. The Greeks and Turks made bows from a mixture of wood, bones and leather wraps.

Likewise in south-east Asia, arrows also become weapons for hunting and fighting. In Irian, Dayak even the Javanese kings in their stories used arrows to hunt.

In shadow puppet stories there are known archers such as Arjuna, Karna, Srikandi, Mustokomeni. All of these show that bows and arrows have been used centuries ago, but where they came from is not yet known.

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