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This Is The Ideal Employee Recruitment Process

An effective recruitment process will always be needed by every company. In addition to meeting the needs of competent HR, this can also be used to improve the image of quality and dynamic company. However, the image of the company can be at risk if the HR hires people with criminal tendencies, so we recommend every HR to use police check online to see the background of their employee candidates.

Here are the steps that can be used to guide the ideal recruitment process:

1. Analyze the needs of position and position

The company must identify in advance the need for new employees to be recruited. The increased workload from old employees can reduce performance if you do not get immediate help. Another possible reason for the need for recruitment is the opening of new divisions or the occurrence of job transfers.

2. Planning the recruitment process

The next recruitment process is the company must prepare a plan for the position needed. Write a job description, qualifications, and experience needed. And determine where to place job advertisements whether print or online media. In addition, do not forget to determine the personnel of the HRD team who will be responsible for working on, monitoring the process, sorting out applicants, conducting interviews, and ultimately providing job offers.

3. Place job advertisements

The HRD team can make announcements internally about new job openings, to get them from existing HR. Then, the choice of media to place job advertisements, such as print or online media that has a reader market share that suits the needs of the company.

4. Processing job applications and conducting interviews

With an effective job advertisement, job applications will soon arrive. Before that happens, make sure the HRD team has prepared selection criteria to help the elimination process, in case too many applicants enter. To shorten the process, applicants who meet the criteria and meet the requirements can be contacted via phone call or SMS to notify the interview schedule that has been determined.

5. Select the appropriate candidate and make a job offer

If you have done all the steps above, then the HRD team is ready to choose candidates that fit the company’s needs. Then, prepare an offer and a work contract that matches the position and position.


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