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This Is The First Aid To Treat A Dog’s Bite

The dog bite allegedly belonging to presenter Bima Aryo is reported to have killed a household assistant. He died from a torn wound he suffered and caused blood loss. The incidence of being bitten by a dog can be deadly if not treated quickly, especially if the dog is infected with rabies and is a sensitive and malignant type. In some cases, dog bites that are not severe can be treated by themselves using drugs that are widely available. However, in severe cases, being bitten by a dog requires immediate medical treatment. Meanwhile, some people who have been bitten by someone’s dogs also tend to hire a dog bite lawyer if their wounds are severe, or when those owners of dogs refuse to take any kind of responsibility.

The following is the first treatment that needs to be done when exposed to dog bites and minor injuries.

Stay away

The first thing to do is to stay away from the dog to avoid being bitten again. Being bitten again can worsen the wound and infection caused.


After there are no more direct threats from dogs, if possible, find out whether the dog is infected with rabies or not. This can be known from the history of vaccination possessed by dog owners.

If the dog is not with the owner, you can also ask people around about the condition of the dog.

If rabies is indicated, see a doctor immediately to get treatment.

First aid kit

The type of first aid is determined by the severity of the dog bite.

If the skin is not torn, the treatment can be done by cleaning the area with warm water. Also, apply antibacterial lotion to the area.

If the skin is torn, clean the area with warm water. Then, press the wound slowly. It aims to eliminate germs.

If the bite causes blood, place a clean cloth on the wound area and press gently to stop the flow of blood. Apply antibacterial lotion and close the wound with a sterile dressing.

Keep an eye on this wound, whether small or large until completely healed so that the infection does not appear. If it appears red, swollen, warm, soft to the touch, or even appears fever, contact your doctor immediately.


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