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There Are Ways To Clean Your Gas Furnace Properly

Cleaning a gas furnace can be quite challenging. That’s why you must know how to do it properly. Before you start cleaning the gas furnace, you need to pay attention to important things when cleaning the main parts of the gas furnace. In the meantime, you can also call some of the best Furnace cleaning services near your area if you are busy.

First, remove the gas furnace ring first, wash separately and dry. Then, avoid cleaning the furnace with water. Use a special kitchen cleaning cream that is applied to the furnace, then brush or wipe with a cloth. Next, on the surface of the gas furnace, clean it using a special furnace cleaning liquid that is sprayed then wiped with a cloth. After that, cover the regulator on the gas cylinder and remove the gas hose on the furnace before cleaning.

After that, you can start the cleaning process, and here are the 4 steps for you:

1. Soak the gas furnace ring

Soak the ring for 2-4 hours to remove stubborn dirt and crust. Then clean the ring by brushing it with an old toothbrush, then rinse and dry with a cloth rag.

2. Clean the furnace with a special cream

Avoid cleaning the gas furnace with water and soap solution. Because water will make the furnace wet and damp which makes the fire not burn perfectly.

You can use a special kitchen cleaning cream or gas furnace. Follow the rules of use on product packaging, or generally, this cream is simply applied to the furnace.

3. Use natural ingredients to clean the surface of the gas burner

In addition to using chemical cleaning liquid, you can also use natural ingredients to make the surface of the gas furnace look sleek, with the following ingredients:

Baking soda, lime with apple vinegar, and flour.

4. Check the hose and regulator of the gas cylinder regularly

Wipe the outside of the hose with a damp cloth, with regular cleaning, you will find out if there is a leak or crack in the gas hose.

Regulators are also important to consider to anticipate gas leaks if the installation is not right.

Ensure that the pressure of the gas cylinder is normal, not too low or too high which can cause a gas explosion.


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