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The Role Of A Script In A Play

Aside from being a guide for the characters, the script in a play performance also plays an important role as a guide to the storyline. This means that with a script, the storyline can be maintained following its original purpose. This can prevent chaos in the storyline to be conveyed so that later play performances can go well and should. That is why it is important to choose the best script that will carry the message you want to convey like the Screwtape Letters inspired one-person show by CS Lewis or Shakespeare.

The script in a play performance also functions as a unity of perception between producers, staff and play crew, figures, and other parties involved in the play production process. This is because if there is a perception that is not the same then automatically the goals to be achieved will also not be the same. Besides, differences in perception can inhibit the production process and even disrupt the storyline. Therefore, these different perceptions will be unified in a concise and concise script, so that the production process of play performances can go well. Make it easy for viewers to accept content or stories from play performances.

The function of the script in the last play performance is that the script also functions to make it easier for the audience to accept the contents or stories of the show that they want to convey. This function certainly cannot be separated from the code of ethics in editing the script and also other functions that have been explained previously. When the script function can be run well, then play performances can run well so that pulses can have an impact on audience satisfaction with the story being shown later. Those are some of the functions of the script in a play performance, which can be concluded that the script has an important role and function in a play performance. Even without a script, a play performance can be said to not be produced. Hopefully, the information above can be useful.


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