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The Right Time For A Car Tire To Be Replaced

There are several characteristics that car tires or Pneus must be replaced. Do you already know? Tires are one of the most important components in a car. Not only does it function as a driving force for cars, but tires also have an important role in maintaining safety and fuel consumption. So you as a vehicle owner must pay attention to the condition of the tires regularly. It is no different from other vehicle components, the tire must also be replaced if it is required to make a replacement. Then when is the right time to change the right tire? The following signs the car tire must be replaced.

First, if tire use is more than 3 years old, car tires are the main ingredient of elastic rubber. The flexibility of the tire rubber will continue to change over time. The longer, the rubber tire will decrease the level of flexibility, until eventually become brittle. The ideal age for tires alone has a service life of more than 3 years. Although the tread is still thick because the car is rarely used, tires that have been more than 3 years old are usually hardened or no longer flexible, so they are no longer comfortable to keep driving on it. Second, if the tire mileage has reached 40 thousand km. Although the use of tires has not reached 3 years the mileage has reached 40 thousand kilometers you are required to change tires. Although flexibility is still good, tires that have traveled long distances will experience wear and tear then the car tires must be replaced.

The third tire tread thickness has reached the Tread Wear Indicator limit. The four tire conditions are already bald, in addition to some of the conditions above being of a general standard from the tire manufacturer, there is one more condition that causes the tire to need to make changes, ie the tire is bald or has no more grooves. Even bald tires only in the middle, while at the edge of the tread is still good, the tire should be replaced. So you do not need to wait for other parts of new bald tires to be replaced because it could risk your safety in driving.


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