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Some Ways To Clean The Bathroom, Shiny Ceramic Like New

The crust in the bathroom tile is one of the most common problems encountered at home. Not only on the bathroom floor, but the crust can also appear on the ceramic wall of the bathroom which is often exposed to water. We need to know how to clean the bathroom ceramics so that the bathroom remains comfortable for everyday use. If we don’t have time to clean, we can ask for help from fresh healthy carpet cleaning, which has many experts to clean ceramic floors.

Not only disturbing the view, but crusty bathroom ceramics also increase the risk of breeding germs in the bathroom. How to overcome it? Check the following ways:

1. Using Chlorine to Eliminate Bathroom Crust
Another way to clean bathroom tiles is to use chlorine. Besides being known as a water disinfectant, chlorine can be used to clean dull ceramics. Chlorine can indeed remove stains and crust on bathroom ceramics.

Here’s how to clean bathroom tiles with chlorine:
1. Flush the bathroom tiles and walls with hot water.
2. Sprinkle the chlorine powder on a crusty ceramic and let it sit for 30 minutes.
3. Rub the bathroom tile with a brush.
4. Rinse the bathroom tile with clean water.
You can get this chlorine at chemical stores. Chlorine is a powerful material for cleaning bathrooms because it can wear off the crust that has been stuck for years.

2. Use Homemade Bathroom Ceramic Cleaning Liquid
How to clean the next bathroom is to use homemade cleaning fluid. If you don’t want to buy a commercial bathroom floor cleaning product, you can make it yourself from dishwashing soap.
Curious how? Here’s how to clean a bathroom with a homemade bathroom ceramic cleaning fluid:

1. Fill the spray bottle with a dish soap water solution.
2. Spray on crusty bathroom tiles.
3. Rub the ceramic using a brush while occasionally spraying with a dishwashing liquid solution.
4. Rinse with water until clean.

Dishwashing liquid can remove dirt, oil, soap residue, and mildew that are the cause of the bathroom crust. However, if the crust stains are still present, pour borax or ammonia into the crusty ceramic and then rub again until the crust is gone.

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