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Girls Must Know These Tips Before They Take A Photo For Their ID Cards

If we have curly hair we don’t need to pluck it straight. We recommend that you order curly hair to be neater for example by using hair oil to make it look natural when in the photo. In the meantime, you may also use the next tips that we’re going to share with you when you want to make a scannable fake id, especially if you really want to enter a night club easily.

Adjust the hair to make it look proportional

Placing the hair on the front of the shoulder makes the neck and shoulders become invisible so that the shape of the photo becomes disproportionate. Do not let the hair cover the face because it will make a shadow of light so we look old. We recommend pigtails or make a lower side bun hairstyle so that the face looks fresh. If you want to brush your hair, place it on the back of your shoulder and use a spray to make it look shiny.

Don’t wear makeup too thick

Use natural makeup like chocolate, peach, and pink to make it look formal.

Don’t look like an inmate

When in the photo we should give a sweet and friendly expression. A smile can make the display look different.

Make the face look glowing

The lighting in our photos makes the face look pale. So we need to use foundation so that the face stays fresh.

Use makeup with a peach touch

Peach colors for blush make the appearance look fresher, especially for yellow and brown skin.

Don’t use translucent powder

Maybe we want a glossy face when taking an ID card’s photo but you should avoid using translucent powder because it will make your face look dry and cakey when in the photo.

You don’t need to use shimmer

Usually, when we take a photo of our ID cards, the light in the studio will be very bright so it makes the face look greasy and glittery. It’s better to just use blush on or bronzer.


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