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Do You Want To Know More About Condotel?

Condotel investment is a very lucrative investment opportunity because the price is relatively high with large long-term benefits. Let’s look for a moment on how to invest in a condotel that can provide opportunities for you to get large profits. Happy reading and happy investing! In the meantime, you can check out Parc Canberra EC if you’re looking for a great condo in Singapore.

Of course, you’ve heard the term condotel. Do you know the difference between condotels, hotels, and apartments?

The term condotel is short for condominium hotels.

Physically outside, we can see that the condotel appears as a vertical building consisting of various room units, like the Parc Canberra EC. At first glance, it looks exactly like an apartment, wherein there are room facilities, kitchen, living room, and various other facilities like an apartment.

In addition, the condotel is also given additional facilities such as a five-star hotel. Various additional facilities include karaoke, restaurant, meeting rooms, and so on.

Room units purchased by investors will later be leased or can also be for personal use.

The difference between a condotel and an apartment lies in its management procedures.

If the management apartment is left to the owner of the room unit, like the investor itself, but the case is different from the condotel.

In condotels that you might build by buying Parc Canberra units, investors will buy room units that are then rented out to consumers or for personal use and the management is given to the condotel management.

In addition, the difference between a condotel and a hotel lies in its ownership, where the owner of the condotel unit is someone who later becomes an investor. Unlike hotels where each room unit is not sold to someone but is rented to customers or guests who stay.

With a variety of condotel facilities that are so complete, even exceeding apartment facilities and equaling the facilities of a five-star hotel, of course, the price offered is also relatively higher.

That is why this condotel investment is known as an investment with a relatively high price and long term.

Hearing the word “high price”, certainly makes us start to switch to other investments at relatively cheap prices.

However, high prices are not a hindrance, but an opportunity for us, especially for serious investors because sales prices are skyrocketing over time.


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