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We Need To Know Some Ways Thieves Break Into People’s Houses

It turns out that the thieves have some creative ways to get into the target house. In just a few minutes, even seconds they can immediately enter like opening their own door. If you want to know more, let’s look at the naughty ways of these thieves. In the meantime, if your lock has been damaged by an uninvited guest, we recommend you to repair it by hiring the best locksmith Scarborough.

Key-breaking device

How to open the door with the tool is to first insert the lever into the bottom of the key. Then also insert the scribe at the top of the lever. Then use the bottom end of the scribe to locate and press the pinhole upward until it exits the key housing. If all pins have been moved successfully, the lock will open by itself.

Use the L key on the interior door

Today many homes use interior doors with a model of a small hole for the key house. Now, with a door like this, the thieves are happier because it is only enough to use a set of L keys to open it. The shape of the key is indeed small, but it is very effective to break into the door especially the interior-style.

The first thing to do is to match the tip of the L key into the door opening. If it is suitable, insert deeper into the end of the L key in a straight direction while moving back and forth slowly. Well, then turn the handle a little to open the door. As a result, the door will open by itself.

Use a credit card for the old model door

This method is only for old-fashioned doors. If the door is modern, this trick is ineffective because there are already certain safety devices implanted in it. This method can also do it yourself when the key is left in the house.

The trick is to slip a credit card between the jamb and the part that locks the door. The card is placed right above the key position entering the jamb. Then, the card is directed down and positioned behind the key slot. Then the card is pulled outwards while turning the door handle. If successful, usually the door will open immediately.


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